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Cyber Security


What does cyber security offer?

As a dedicated Cyber Security Consultancy we keep your business safe and compliant, through cyber security best practice, technically-sound tools and expert advice. Protect your business from malware, hackers and viruses to ensure your business remains safe and your customers stay protected.

Virtanix are our Cyber Security Consultancy for any problems that we encounter. Always very professional, easy to get hold of and efficient should we ever need any assistance. Would fully recommend.
Nathan Palmer

Why you need to consider cyber security

Cyber security is no longer just a concern for big businesses and government agencies. Today, cyber criminals can easily get their hands on ready-made malware with which to target all manner of businesses. In fact, smaller companies are often easier targets, as they’re perceived to have weaker defences in place and cannot get back up to speed as quickly.

The only way to keep your business safe is by staying one step ahead of the cyber criminals and the tools at their disposal. This requires a comprehensive solution that’s always adapting, developing and modernising. Companies that stay fully updated and compliant also enjoy knock-on benefits, as the most up-to-date and optimised systems are also the most efficient.

Cyber crime is worth billions of pounds and has been named by many business owners as the greatest threat to their business today. To ensure your hard work and efforts aren’t put at risk by cyber criminals, speak to Virtanix IT. As a specialist Cyber Security Consultancy we are experts in knowing ways of keeping yourself, your business, and all your sensitive data safe from prying eyes.