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Hosted Servers


Hosted Servers

It’s no secret that running your own IT infrastructure is a big job. It’s expensive, time-consuming and complicated.
With a hosted server solution powering your business, you can increase the performance and flexibility of your IT systems while reducing costs and lightening the load.

Hosted servers offer a replacement to traditional in-house server hardware. Storing your data in the cloud, a hosted server solution puts a more reliable, scalable solution at the centre of your IT operations while reducing complexity.

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    Access Hosted Servers and infrastructure from anywhere at any time, as long as there is an internet connection using any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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    Pay-as-you-go Billing

    You access the resources only when you want them and you’re only billed for what you use. Just like turning on the lights or stove in your own home!

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    No need for onsite hardware or capital expenses. Resources can be scaled up or down to suit a company’s needs without wasting resources not being used.


Why Virtanix IT Hosted Servers?

Virtanix IT provides a complete range of hosted server solutions.
We can help you to transfer any function that an onsite server would otherwise fulfil to a cloud environment.

It’s common for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and SQL servers to be moved to a virtual server setup. But organisations can also move more complex systems such as VoIP phone systems, accounts packages and ERP or CRM systems into a hosted environment.

With Virtanix IT’s hosted server solution, you’ll only have one monthly amount to pay. You’ll be free to increase or decrease your storage and processing as necessary – we’ll simply adjust the monthly costs.

It can be easy to use more data than you intended. So we will alert you if you’re getting close to your storage limit. This leaves you time to decide whether to increase your storage or to have a digital clean up.