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Does your business offer 24×7 IT Support?

Many companies still believe that IT Support for staff and customers is only required during the traditional 9-5 working day. But times have changed. A growing number of job hunters expect their next role to include the option of flexible working. And according to ACAS, all employees who have worked in their current role for at least 26 weeks are entitled to request flexible working. 

“Research from the CIPD has shown that implementing flexible working practices can improve staff engagement and motivation,” a Guardian article reports. 

The benefits of offering flexible working go beyond simply making your employees happy. There’s a lot of research that shows better productivity, more engagement and better retention of staff (i.e. lower recruitment costs!) for businesses who offer flexible working for their staff. Offering flexible working can even reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

The same principle applies to your customers. As technology continues to evolve, we as human beings are adopting an ‘always on’ mentality. We expect service to be provided immediately, from watching television on-demand in our homes, to being able to purchase almost anything at any time from retail websites such as Amazon

Why is 24×7 IT Support more valuable than ever?

  1. Technology doesn’t follow the 9-5 workday

Despite numerous advancements in technology, improving the stability and reliability of tech platforms, software and servers, things can still go wrong. Even after your employees have gone home and the office lights have been switched off at the end of the day, your systems and software can be compromised.

Hackers are one of the biggest threats to your online systems and they can attack your business at any time without warning. Data breaches, security strikes and phishing email attacks can occur late at night, first thing in the morning or over the weekend. And this is where 24×7 IT Support becomes so important.

Being able to identify and resolve any tech issues as soon as they occur is critical to minimising disruption to your business and loss of data or other information. Often, companies choose to outsource their IT Support to save on having to recruit night staff or have team members go on call outside of traditional office hours. 24×7 IT Support is vital to fix any technology glitches as soon as possible!

  1. It enables flexible working

In fact, ‘enables’ isn’t quite strong enough a word. Flexible working is only possible if your company can offer 24×7 IT Support. If your staff are choosing to work at night, early in the morning or over the weekend, they’ll need support if their system crashes, they can’t access files or they need programmes to be unlocked and added to their computer or phone. 

A business cannot promise employees the benefit of flexible working without offering 24×7 IT Support whenever they need it.  

  1. It can help you scale globally

If you’re keen to scale your business to wider markets in other countries, you’ll face inevitable time zone challenges. Whether you’re managing remote teams across the pond or supporting customers in a different hemisphere, your IT Support needs to be available to everyone, regardless of where they are in the world. 

Offering 24×7 IT Support is a key ingredient to enabling growth as you’ll be able to deploy new features, launch services and offer instant IT support at any time. If you don’t want to pay overtime to in-house employees and would prefer to offer 24×7 IT Support at a fixed price, outsourcing is the best solution. 

Companies like Virtanix offer PC and server support, infrastructure management, IT planning and 24×7 monitoring at a fixed price. Our IT Support is also scalable to your needs and growth plans, so you can expand or reduce the level of support you need alongside any changes to your business.

If you’d like to find out about 24×7 IT Support from Virtanix, get in touch to discuss your individual business needs and how we can help!