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Cloud Computing Migration Strategy – 5 Top Tips

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, having a clear and comprehensive cloud computing migration strategy has never been more important. For many Chief Information Officers having a comprehensive plan is a key priority for 2019 to ensure complete oversight on the project as well as minimal downtime and disruption during the migration process.

Having managed multiple projects with both small and medium sized businesses we thought we would share our top cloud computing migration strategy tips.

  1. Consider An Initial Hybrid Approach

The cloud doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In fact many businesses utilise a hybrid approach initially where they start off by moving certain elements to the Cloud before moving others at a later date. This can be due to the complexity of certain systems or simply because they want to test the benefits before moving the entire business.

How Virtanix Can Help: We will work with you to develop a tailored plan you are comfortable with and that fits your business objectives.

  1. Create A Visible Plan That Makes Sense For You

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The main element of a successful cloud computing migration strategy is comprehensive and thorough planning. Initially, make sure you have a checklist of key elements as well as proposed timings of migration for each. Sometimes having a visual diagram of your entire system is the best way to see the big picture and gain a full understanding of the migration process. Within your plan make sure you have prioritised the most important elements of your business so that they are given the attention they need to avoid potential disruption.

How Virtanix Can Help: Planning is the key to our success and having undertaken multiple migrations we know what goes into making a successful one. We’ll work closely with you to identify your requirements and will make sure your transition period is as smooth as possible.

  1. Seize The Opportunity To Optimise Your Systems

Before your move to the cloud consider it an opportunity to have a spring clean of your system. Many businesses are guilty of messy systems that lack structure, ease of accessibility and have been very rarely cleared out. Just like moving house, moving to the Cloud gives you an opportunity to start afresh and be rid of those “draftreport (3)” files and “catdancing2.jpg” images that have been clogging up your system for the past few years.

  1. Train Your Staff On How To Use The Cloud

There are multiple benefits to the Cloud but to fully utilise them it is important your employees are equipped to deal with the transition. Some may be fearful of the risk from hosting confidential documents online while others may struggle to quickly adapt to the new system. Hosting a short training session with a walk through will allow staff to get to grips with the change quicker and ensure any questions or concerns they have can be answered and dealt with appropriately.

How Virtanix Can Help: If this is not something you want to or are able to host yourself, as your cloud partner, we are happy to provide a training session with staff members to guide them through the process and ensure they are comfortable with the new set up.

  1. Work With An Experienced Partner

With ‘the cloud’ becoming a fashionable term and many businesses rushing to take advantage of its benefits, many companies are now offering cloud computing migration strategies. With cloud computing still being in its infant years, many companies offering these services can lack experience, especially when managing larger more complex projects. When choosing a migration partner make sure to check their experience and seek out testimonials and previous projects that they have worked on.

How Virtanix Can Help: We are a team with over 15+ years combined in the IT and cloud computing industry. Our background is working for large national companies and to date we have assisted over 100 clients in their migration to the cloud.  

Want To Learn More?

At Virtanix we provide a fully managed migration service to assist your business with its move to the Cloud. We’ve worked with multiple businesses across the United Kingdom during their transition period with varied levels of technical experience. To learn more about our cloud computing migration strategy and how it can help your business you can Get in touch