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Cloud Computing Consultancy – Help on Your Cloud Journey

If you’re starting out on your Cloud journey, you may be considering working with a Cloud Computing Consultancy to help implement your migration strategy. But, what do they actually do? 

A good Cloud Computing Consultancy will act as a digital partner, giving you useful hands-on support at every stage of your Cloud migration and IT Support process. They’ll feel like an extension of your team and will be proactive in helping you plan, implement and measure a successful cloud computing migration strategy.

So, let’s break down what that really means:

  1. Analysis

A Cloud Computing Consultancy really needs to understand your business before they can advise on the best approach for you. They’ll start by speaking to you and any relevant employees about how your online systems work, what infrastructure you have in place and any challenges or weaknesses in your current set up. 

They’ll then do their own assessments of your technology, testing certain processes and systems to understand how they can be used or adapted within your Cloud journey.

2. Planning

Without a solid plan in place, your Cloud computing journey is likely to fail! Planning will help your Cloud Computing Consultancy understand your objectives, timelines and measures of success so they can set realistic expectations for your project. 

They’ll also need to plan for any potential risks or issues that could crop up along the way, and they’ll implement contingency plans to mitigate risk to your business.

3. Management

The best aspect of working with a Cloud Computing Consultancy is that they will take away the pain of project management. They will oversee every aspect of your Cloud project so you can focus on other areas of your business and only need to be involved in major decisions or key milestones along the way. 

If you’re short on time or would prefer to simply manage the bigger picture aspects of your business, it is definitely worth investing in a partner to manage your Cloud computing operations on your behalf.

4. Security

When it comes to staying secure online, many business owners don’t really understand what’s needed to protect their business from online fraudsters and attacks. There’s also GDPR, website security certificates, anti-virus protection, cybersecurity threats and system upgrades to consider. Your Cloud Computing Consultancy can take care of all this and more… 

Best of all, they’ll implement many automated tests to run on your systems every day to scan and identify any potential security threats, before they occur, so they can implement any measures to prevent them from happening at all. This will give you enormous peace of mind, as a security breach can be extremely dangerous and costly to your business.

5. Optimisation

The real value of employing a Cloud Computing Consultancy can often become even more apparent after your Cloud migration has taken place! Once your business is safely set up in the Cloud, your consultancy can then begin working out ways of optimising your IT functions. 

This might include providing IT Support to your team or customers, keeping you informed of any new developments in the market that might impact you, or finding ways of reducing costs related to hosting, network providers, online tools or anything else.

Business IT has never been more flexible and migrating your IT systems to the Cloud can reduce costs, increase server uptime and improve the overall efficiency of your IT function.

At Virtanix, we are a Cloud Computing Consultancy with over 30 years of IT experience, so are well placed to guide you and your business through the process of cloud migration.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help plan, implement, manage and optimise a successful Cloud migration for your business. We also provide IT Support and ongoing IT Consultancy services.