Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support

Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support

As a small or medium business IT issues can provide a real headache when you least expect it. So what are the key benefits of outsourcing IT support?

Picture the following. It’s a busy week in the office and you are working on a key finance document that needs to be urgently finished for a client. At lunch you pop out for some food, come back to your PC but when trying to access the file in your drive it tells you that it is ‘corrupted’ with a long error message.


There are two potential outcomes to this situation.

Option 1:

You aim to fix the problem yourself. This involves googling around desperately, often looking for a fix in forums with no posts for over 5 years. More often than not you will be unable to resolve the issue, unless it is fairly simple or you have exceptional patience. Often people will spend multiple hours trialling solutions that ultimately could even cause even more damage.

If you are then still unable to resolve the problem you are faced with the task of reaching out to an IT support company, getting multiple quotes and then choosing who to take the job. By the time the IT support company has added you to their workflow and resolved the problem you are looking at potentially days to even a week or so worth of disruption.

Potential Disruption Time: 4 Hours – 7+ Days

Option 2:

You immediately call your IT support company (hopefully Virtanix) and immediately get put through to a member of support staff. They note down the issue and if they are unable to immediately fix it on the phone will arrange to look into it further and call you back with a solution. All issues aim to be resolved within 24 hours unless they are particularly severe.

Potential Disruption Time: 1 Hour – 1 day

As you can see from the scenario above there are plenty of benefits of outsourcing IT support. Below we list the main benefits for your business to consider.

Benefit 1: Time Is Money

As we looked at in the scenario above – time is money. If you run a fast paced business you can’t afford not to be able to access your files or be stuck with software that isn’t working properly. Having an outsourced IT department allows you rapid access to an expert that can get to work resolving your problem immediately. Allowing you time to focus on more important business matters or sneaking in an extra coffee break….

Benefit 2: Flexible Approach

Businesses that reach the 8-12 employee mark will start to consider bringing in a salaried member of staff to cover their IT needs. However, this can introduce considerable additional

spend, time and employer responsibility that goes with any new hire. Sure you might have IT issues a few times per month and need semi regular systems assistance , but does it warrant a new member of staff on the books? Outsourcing your IT provides the benefit of a flexible monthly contract with elasticity should your business scale up or down.

Benefit 3: Utilise the latest technology

Benefits of outsourcing IT support aren’t just related to when you have a problem. IT support can also relate to ensuring your business is getting the most out of the systems it currently has. As both hardware and software develop at a rapid rate its important to have sound guidance on new systems such as migrating to the cloud as well as knowing when to upgrade your software and cyber security systems.

Benefit 4: Make Your Business A Swiss Army Knife

Outsourcing your IT support holds value in adding a specialist service that your business is able to take advantage of. It gives your business an extra layer or feature that it didn’t previously have and makes the business as a whole seem more well-rounded and covered. For small businesses this is especially important. As any small business owner will know that juggling things you may not a specialist in such as tax, marketing, IT, branding etc is a difficult and sometimes worrisome task. Adding a specialist in this field to your business gives you peace of mind and makes your business stronger.

Benefit 5: Consistent Uptime

A lot of businesses are heavily reliant on key members of staff that hold responsibility for their network or IT services. The issue with this is the detrimental effect it can have if that member of staff was to be on holiday, off sick or to leave suddenly. Outsourcing your IT support allows for a consistent approach that is available when you need them, without disruption.

Benefits of outsourcing IT support are becoming more and more apparent to many businesses across the UK. If you are considering an IT support partner we’d be delighted to give you a personalized quote and discuss your requirements in full. As a small, specialist team we aim to deliver you a highly personal service and with over 15 years experience in the technology sector.

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